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NG Electronic cigaretteReplacement pieces for NG Electronic Cigarettes

If you have an NG Electronic Cigarette and need a replacement battery, replacement cartridge, or want to order more of the same NG E-Cigarette product that you have come to love, place an order with NEXgen.

We have all the NG cigarette replacement parts and pieces needed for every application.


The NG Electronic Cigarette NG e cig battery

The NG Electric cigarette label is found on almost every e-cig battery on the market.  When looking for replacement cartridges, it is important to make sure that the product is a valid NG Electronic Cigarette replacement to ensure maximum reliability, consistency, and enjoyment. At NEXgen, all of our products are NG electronic cigarette replacement approved and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Get NG Electronic Cigarette Replacements

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Date: 3/25/2012 5:21:02 AM
Velvet Feaster
Out of all the electronic cigarettes I tried, I find I like this the best. The only problem was I couldn't get refillsexcept one time and the store 711, which I purchased them from doesn't sell them any longer, the story of my life I find something I like and than find it unavailble.

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